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  also known as Bezawada, is the third largest vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India, located on the banks of the Krishna River and bounded by the Indrakiladri Hills on the West and the Budameru River on the North. Vijayawada Literally translates is "the place of victory", the most interesting thing about Vijayawada is its location. The vijayawada is seen as the key trading as well as business center of the state therefore it is also known as “The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh”. The metropolis is quite famous for mangoes and delicious sweets.

A legend narrates that Vijayawada was established by Arjuna around the Malleswara temple and Indrakiladri hills in commemoration of Lord Shiva's Darsan that he had, and thus named it after him as Vijayawada. his vijayawada of south India has got many places to visit like beautiful island and hills, age old temples and mosques, well maintained park and museum and many more.

There are numbers of hotels in Vijayawada which are better known for warm hospitality. The hotels in Vijayawada reflect the true culture and tradition of this vijayawada. The top hotels in Vijayawada are best known for providing ultra modern amenities and luxurious architecture. One can even find some cheap hotels in Vijayawada as well as budget hotels in Vijayawada quite easily here

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